Fast Forward


I received a call from a buyer, who lived outside of the country. They were ready to move back to the States to be closer to family. The house they inquired about had been pulled from the market. Surprisingly to me, they were crushed and said, “Kim, you need to get it back.”

That startled me a little in a funny way and I remember chuckling a little. However, they were very serious! So, I told them to let me look into things and I will get back to them. Therefore, I did some investigating and was able to make arrangements for them to see the home. Only the husband made the trip and he was such a nice gentleman. Even though he was very focused on the original home, I encouraged him to look at other homes up and down The Eastern Shore. This was his first time in the area. We looked at many houses and had great conversations. He informed me he had a heart condition and when he returns he is scheduled for heart surgery.


That made me a little fearful. Concerned something would happen to him, while I was showing him houses. I kept looking for signs. He did not seem to be worried at all. We stopped for lunch during one of our tours. We realized his bag was missing which contained his passport. Panic set in for both of us. He was extremely concerned because it would be such an ordeal to get another passport in time for him to get back in time for his surgery. We quickly backtracked, retracing our steps. I made a comment that in my town we go to the post office to get our passports. We went to the post office to check and see if someone had turned it in. No one had turned it in. Our contact information was given just in case.


We received a call from the post office. Someone had dropped the passport in the outside mailbox! Everything else in the bag was missing. However, we were very relieved to receive the passport! The next day the tour continued, and on his last day, he wanted to go back to the property that we saw first and that he had originally inquired about. Just a little information it was a pretty good size parcel and needed a good amount of cosmetic updating.
They ended up buying the first home they had originally inquired about, without the Mrs.seeing the house in person.


Fast Forward Five Years Later…

They are ready to sell. Therefore, they give me a call. As we sit in their family room talking about their journey here, he proceeds to tell me. On the last day, when I showed him the home they ended up buying, ( which was the original home), that needed work. That I had made a comment and said “Do you really want to buy this and tackle all of this?” He said that’s when he knew he’d chosen a great realtor. He told his wife that I really cared and was looking out for him. I did not even remember saying it, however, I do remember being concerned for his health and heart and was concerned this was not the right home for him for that reason.

For Me…

Although I did not remember making that comment. I do remember being concerned for his health, and this might be too much of a project. For me it goes without saying, I truly care!

Now here we are, their gorgeous waterfront, stately home, that they spent so much time making beautiful is now for sale.

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